Why We Do Not Sell Live Animals 

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Timber Keane

Salesman of the Year


In February 2005, at the age of 5, Timber came to Zeetlegoo’s Pet & People Store. He diligently worked for over 7 years toughness testing toys and taste testing treats. Timber died on January 6, 2012 of a spleenic tumor. He is greatly missed.

The following products have passed Timber’s rigid testing standards, and have gained the honor of displaying a Timber Tested and Approved Stamp:
www.nuprosupplements.com/  - A joint/coat supplement containing glucosamine, MSM, and Ester C in a base of liver, kelp, flaxseed, bee pollen, plus natural enzymes – the powder can be mixed with water to make a liver gravy.  Timber used to follows us around the kitchen watching the entire mixing process each morning and evening. 

www.naturvet.com  - ArthriSoothe®-GOLD Tablets
Advanced Hip & Joint Supplement in a Time Released Formula. Although Timber took a joint supplement from the time we adopted him, he started taking this advanced formula in February 2009.  The effects were almost immediate. Timber was able to jump on his back legs - something that was too painful to do prior to taking this supplement.  Several customers have also reported remarkable results.

www.merrickpetcare.com  Merrick makes treats (Wishbone Tendons, General Panton Meaty Bones, G.I. Jerky Bones to name a few) gourmet dry and canned foods.  Wingalings, Smothered Comfort, Senior Medley, Brauts-N-Tots, Grammy's Pot Pie and Thanksgiving Dinner are some of the canned varieties, and best of all, ALL Merrick products are MADE IN THE USA! 

www.naturapet.com Timber ate Innova Senior Dog food for 4 years.  This product helped Timber maintain a svelte 74 lbs through his senior years. 


www.sojos.com Homemade pet food made easy.  The grain-free variety smells like a rich vegetable soup stock, and it makes a nice accoutrement to dry kibble.

Visit Sojourner Farms, and learn more about their fresh foods program for dogs and cats, and how you can make all-natural, homemade pet food in minutes.

Kong Tennis Squeaker in the large size.  Timber had this ball (and played with it extensively) for 4 years!

Timber used to have certain toys that were his babies.  His favorite toys were plush, like this Zanies Megabone.  He probably had 4 or 5 throughout his life.  The first one got washed 7 times before it finally got a tiny rip.  Once it had a tear in it, Timber took about 3 minutes to extract all the stuffing out of this toy.

We used Bark-2-Basics shampoo on Timber, (www.senproco.com/bark2basics) and have been selling these products since December 2004. The shampoos and conditioners are concentrated, so one 16 oz bottle of concentrate mixes up into 2 gallons of shampoo!  
We also recommend Ice-on-Ice Leave in Coat conditioner, from Chris Christensen Systems.  This product keeps the sand from sticking in a dog’s fur, and prevents static that causes fur to pick up debris and bring it in the house.  In addition, it makes fur silky, so that tangles don’t develop as easily. (www.chrissystems.com/iceonice1.htm)  

Why We Don't Sell Live Animals at Zeetlegoo's

Do you know about puppy mills? If you don't - and even if you do - then you've got to watch this undercover video from the Humane Society of the United States:


Puppy mills are large scale operations that force breeder dogs to produce litter after litter to support consumer demand for puppies. Often the puppies sold in pet stores or through Internet sites come from places filled with suffering, disease, malnutrition, and loneliness.  And the puppies themselves are prone to a variety of diseases due to the conditions in which they were raised. Some die within days or weeks of purchase.

Zeetlegoo's does not sell any live animals and we hold pet adoptions regularly to help find permanent homes for the multitude of homeless pets in the area. See Events for the adoption schedule.



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